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Project addition to the website begins with new pages being created for the games.


Project moved to Apple Archives and now being supported through A.P.P.L.E.  Preparation for hosting of all files by A.P.P.L.E. Begins.


Corresponded with Chuck 'Chuckles' Bueche for his games, Laf Pak, Lunar Leepers, Caverns of Callisto, 2400 AD.


Obtained permission from Pangeasoft for the titles of Xenocide, and all their Apple II shareware titles.


I think I located the author of Adventure International game C'est La Vie, Gordon Eastman, who also wrote Star Maze (Sir Tech).


Found out that Don D. Worth, author of the Apple II book, Beneath Apple DOS, has released his Apple II title, Beneath Apple Manor, publicly available form his personal website, http://worth.bol.ucla.edu/


Interesting ... I had an email reply from (current) Broderbund staff telling me that the pre-1995 Apple II old software titles copyrights are owned by someone else. I didn't think they'd reply ! Thank you Encore for pointing me somewhere :)


Corresponded with John Anderson, author of Eliminator, Rear Guard and Sea Dragon, formerly published under the Adventure International banner.


Corresponded with Jason Harper, author of SuperConvert, Airball and SubVersion.


Corresponded with Chuck Benton, author of Softporn Adventure, the game that inspired Leisure Suit Larry series.


Corresponded with Dr Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D., the widow of Silas Warner, author of Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein.


Corresponded with Dan Gorlin, author of Choplifter and Airheart.


After an absence of 7 years, after I lost the domain name to cyber squatters, I came across by chance the domain was expired and it was released. So I re-registered it. Talking about patience ! 

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